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Website Design
If your website is not making money for your business, it is a great time to fix this. And we make it easy to fix! Our website design and web development services are the first step to creating a powerhouse online presence. The internet is not going away! Just the opposite. It is only getting bigger each and every year. 98% of small businesses have an ineffective website that essentially contributes nothing to the progress of the business.  It’s so simple to take the leap into that top 2%, you just have to let us show you how.
The Goal of Website Design
Your website should have one purpose for your business, and that is to be a money making machine. We build websites with this singular purpose in mind…generate new business and increase sales.  Many companies build big, beautiful websites that do not have the proper levers to turn website visitors into clients. So making sure we have these levers in the correct place is a key component to effective website design. These call to actions and contact points are a top priority, as it is common for website visitors to comment “I couldn’t figure out how to contact you,” even on sites where it might seem obvious. So these contact points have to be prominent, and in your face. This is our expertise. We focus on website design to achieve the following:
Web Design Action List
We have an Action List of (10) items that each of our clients has, and each of these (10) items must be completed precisely for each website. Once they are complete in conjunction with our SEO services, your website will rank, and will produce. It is just a matter of time. We build websites that are technically sound by every measure:
We have seen enough business websites to know that 99% are built with shortcuts and lack of optimization. If you are locked in a contract with a large, Fortune 500 SEO company (Yellow Pages, Yodle, Dex, etc), it is impossible to receive the personalized effort to rank successfully…it’s just that simple. When the website flaws are pointed out to the business owner, they are always surprised at the sloppy and incomplete work, and the fatal flaws that have been built into their website (copied content, incomplete content, broken links, no citation work, and more). We can do an analysis on your website, and we’ll make for you a custom video analyzing the important factors required for your website to generate sales for your business. And it’s free. Click here to schedule a free consultation, and you’ll have your custom video in your inbox within 24 hours. Click to return to the homepage.